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Your guide to the expensive BMW M4

Your guide to the expensive BMW M4 - What is the current British labor market has to do with the new BMW M4 ? Well, having a false analogy Top Gear show signs both want , keep a job. In which case , hold many jobs .Last December , we have the final production figure saw the new BMW M4 coupe . Exactly three months later, we find the first production car has been built for sale - and built again in Munich , the first time in 23 years an M car was built there - and it's on two wheels on the side to date are self-employed .

Not only the production car will have a hard time in the new world of sports cars - what with the new Lexus F RC exploded around , to name one - but his brother is fighting in the German Touring Car Championship with a big V8 socking and his other brothers will ensure this MotoGP chaps behave. These include: Three months after his short life, and is a production car , challenger DTM safety car and MotoGP .To make it even easier, we 've collected pictures…

Audi Within the AM racing secret hideaway

The slopes of the edges of an industrial zone in Audi, Ingolstadt seat AOS a humble, well-dressed building sits. No, there is no direction in AM the door, doorbell, and one-way window.

For that you need to use a phone booth in the American style. There, Äôll a man who, once verified, you can speak in buzz for three boundary bulletproof doors.

Audi is the hangar AM concealment, which the German company is willing to keep a secret. Including Audi, AOS entire back catalog, with 600 rare and often unaffordable cars are spread over many floors. Even Top Gear ISN, AOT allows you to see everything, but granted access have broken the single-story, thanks to a lot of persuasion. Level-2.

Fortunately Level 2 contains the best stuff: Motorsports. Some of the legendary revolutionary car racing ever grace the planet all wonderful in manure covered his last race as if parked in an NCP.

Silver Arrows, Alpine evidence winner, Le Mans legends gather revolutionaries, Pikes Peak cars Punisher and champi…

This is the BMW X4

This is the 2015 BMW X4 , a smaller type SUV coupe , today announced before the Auto Show in New York.Elbow their way into the orgy BMW model - somewhere in the top of the X3 , X6 and spooning under the 4 - Series Gran Coupe - you would ask what the hell is awarded for the BMW X4. And forgive us not absolutely sure for .Is actually a four-door Coupe X3 ( squats on the same platform ) version and is 36 mm deep , rough road . The driver sits 20 mm lower than they would be in X3, and the people in the back are 28 mm closer to the tarmac . Hmm .Since the premium version enjoy the best specification BMW X4 series, the various forms of power boat , variable sport steering Alloy wheels 18 -inch front and rear parking sensors , xenon headlamps and front seats gets comprises heating.Under the hood you will find a diesel , at least if you are in the UK . The xDrive 20d entry ( £ 36.590 ) gets a 187bhp 2.0-liter emits 138g/km 54.3mpg makes and xDrive30d ( 44.890 pounds ) gets a 255bhp 3.…

Meet the new Audi TT

Time for a new Audi TT is now. When the original 1998 TT was all about the design, and the second to order a driving experience that distinctive way half as concentrated , and the third - on the basis of fundamentals ubiquitous VW Group 's MQB - has to do with the digital era. The dynamics and cockpit are all super- configurable.Remains largely a TT. Sentimental endearing idiosyncrasies of the car Mk1 will be pleased to see the body is once again, which was built by very geometrically pure blocks apart. View arches point closely drawn , beveled window frames and the simple underlying hull. There's even a bonus for the circular door aluminum fuel in the (false), surrounded by all the leaders .Even if the design is clearly the evolution rather than revolution - some would shy - the MkIII looks lower and wider than the previous TT , mainly thanks to the more horizontal lines at the front and rear. In fact , it is much the same size, the most important change a slightly…

Early sketches of the new Audi TT

New Audi TT - Audi has released a few sketches of its next TT MkIII . Headlines ? Quote The Matrix, is " Evolution , Morpheus , evolution ... "We are told that this new Audi TT will " reinterpret the ideas of the first TT , a car that was a milestone in the design of Audi. Infierno car design as a whole.So what we are seeing ? The front of the car is said to be "horizontal dominant" having a powerful look , while the four rings logo now sits on the hood - like the R8 super sports car - where a pair of contours form a pattern of type V as well.The wheel arches are wider , too, as a kink in the C-pillars and the horizontal lines on the back is to continue the wide , athletic stance. Audi is two round tailpipes in adjusting all TTs diffuser , but for the TTS four tubes .As we have shown before, the interior looks great , all the inspiration floating lines and planes, with this central digital display with 3D graphics on a TFT monitor. The classic TT ai…

Baptizes new small Jag saloon " XE"

Jaguar XE - We have long known that Jaguar will soon add a entry level offer a four-door , to sit under the XF and nostril to nostril with the BMW 3 - Series ( the current XF , but do not see it , it is actually more May 1 - Series) .Now we know what to call the entry-level sedan . It's called ...Jaguar XE .What do you think you would have imagined, what with "E " are out of the "F " in the alphabet ? Well, you had guessed that the Jaguar XE , as Jaguar , is the first aluminum - monocoque vehicle in its segment to be ?Did you know ? Damn . Anyway, this means that the aluminum shell XE should be lighter than the competition , which means more efficiency , performance, and , uh , aluminum .This power is called the courtesy of a new engine family JLR "genius" comes bundled with the new company in the West Midlands and definitely do not share a name with a leading brand of treating indigestion .Both petrol and diesel will be two liter engine four-…

First drive : Jaguar XFR - S Sport Brake

Jaguar XFR-S - What's this?As reported recently , Jaguar wants a piece of the super- property market by the Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes E63 dominates . For this purpose a body SportBrake XFR -S was escaped in basics. Lifestyle and speed in a package by hand , this is the game field .The same numbers of power and torque than the basic life ?Of course, but for those looking to save the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 develops 542bhp and 501 foot-pounds of torque. All of this is sent to the rear wheels through the most excellent automatic transmission ZF eight-speed wheels. Before you get that far , the performance is directed by an electronically controlled mechanical differential , because, you know , traction.Surely they must have done something , fiddling suspension also ?You have indeed.

The extra weight of the body SportBrake meant the rear springs and shock absorbers have a tailored fit and performed not only directly from the salon . The rear axle is also changed , and it is a …

First Ride : The new Audi S1

Well, it was in front of an Audi S1. He left the WRC stages in early 1980 , Group B car in time , in the rally cars were really crazy planet. This is not . It is a sport compact four-wheel drive . It's an Audi A1 to accommodate plush hood with an uprated version of the two-liter turbo engine from the Golf GTI , revised front steering and suspension, and new rear suspension , the 4WD system .
But what about the A1 Quattro?
My what a're obsessive Audi. Yes, there were a limited period A1 Quattro two years ago. They made only 333 cars in only the wonderfully wacky LHD . But there were differences in the S1. The slightly more powerful engine EA113 old, not the new , torquier used EA888 . Since you are an obsessive already know that the EA888 has camshafts driven by chain and variable valve lift .
Of course you do . How it works in such a small car?
As a means , one of the six gears strongly interact effectively in style. Thanks to mid-range torque increases. Have 231bhp and 273 poun…

First drive : Jaguar F -Type Coupe

Jaguar F type - Just a little. The F- coupe is stiffer car Jaguar has ever built. In fact, technology is smarter among you will notice that the number of 33,000 Nm per degree makes it one of the stiffest cars in history. The F Convertible is as solid as convertibles go . This thing is twice as stiff . It's a real professional boxer , the impression that is firmly underlined by the addition of a roof. The convertible is the builder of the image, and with more than 10,000 for a year, do the work for Jaguar sold before arrival . But that's what we've been waiting for. It also looks strong, especially the eye up the rear.So, how does it feel ?No cost or obligation .

Jaguar persisted in a circuit called Motorland , deep in the desert of Northern Spanish . This is a level FIA approved track 3.2 miles long, and a place of MotoGP . It is also in places with difficult nature of the vertices view and blind crests , which provide the driver in question and punish a wayward chass…