Friday, April 4, 2014

First Ride: The Chevy Camaro Z/28 Part 1

What's this? Looks like a Chevy Camaro ...
It is. But look a little closer. This is not a regular Camaro. This is version Z/28 an appearance in the line-up of the fifth generation car for the first time. The name, a bit like the code used Z06 Corvettes jumped up, has its roots in the internal code of the production of GM. The Super Sport package Camaro (SS) was known as the Z/27. So, as the new car was even more extreme, became known as the Z/28. And the name is fixed since.
Where does it fit in the Camaro range?
Not the most powerful model - the compressed 580bhp, has ZL1 300 pounds heavier this honor. However, focusing on the track anyway. When the ZL1 is designed to blow away the competition on the road, the Z/28 all devices has not been developed to send a best lap time deprived. When Chevy says: "We have given everything not make it go faster, or was required by law.
So what is left?
The LS7 V8 engine is given a breath of cold air from the previous generation of the Corvette C6, but with some weight saving mods that make it easier to 28.9kg. These changes include titanium valves and rods, Mahle pistons and maintain a dry sump system, the oil to flow around the motor even in the hard curves, similar to that used Corvette Z51. Power is a solid 505bhp (376kW) and peak torque is a thick 481 pounds-ft (652 nm).
To ensure that the level of performance is maintained, the engine oil is cooled by a liquid-liquid heat exchanger heat, which borrows heavily from that in the Corvette ZR1. The transmission and the difference of the device similar cooling system ZL1. Ensure, to the extent of the transmitted power to the rear wheel, and the car behaves in, through and out of the corner, there is a limited slip coil specially tuned into the mix.
Sounding good so far. Is that all?
No - that's just the beginning. There are three main areas in the datasheet Z/28 's screams that this is a special car. First is the suspension. This uses flaps DSSV - used as the Aston One-77 and Ferrari 458 car challenge - to save you the long technical description can fully independent tuning of the compression and extension, and are several times more accurate than conventional damper on their actions .
The second is that the carbon-ceramic brakes. I know they are nothing new, but these have 394mm rear 390mm two-piece rotors strength and resistance to all different this side of a race car and front. You have the power to take us to an almost immediate stop and the feeling you get with the front wheel on the edge of the responsibility to tip a corner.
But some of the credit to the last point is the third area of ​​improvement - 305/30 - ZR19 Pirelli tires Troefo R for all. Yes, it is true, are the same size tires on the front and back. (Pub fact:. Wider fronts are installed on any production car, the SRT Viper is 295.) And they are excellent.
Besides weighing 6lbs per corner less standard rubber, which appear to be made of durable glue. Great stick does not show excessive wear despite 30 + high-speed laps on the track.
OK, this is the entire mechanism. Anything else?
read the rest at part 2 tomorrow.. stay tune.. Chevy Camaro Z

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