Monday, March 24, 2014

First Ride : The new Audi S1

Well, it was in front of an Audi S1. He left the WRC stages in early 1980 , Group B car in time , in the rally cars were really crazy planet. This is not . It is a sport compact four-wheel drive . It's an Audi A1 to accommodate plush hood with an uprated version of the two-liter turbo engine from the Golf GTI , revised front steering and suspension, and new rear suspension , the 4WD system .
But what about the A1 Quattro?
My what a're obsessive Audi. Yes, there were a limited period A1 Quattro two years ago. They made only 333 cars in only the wonderfully wacky LHD . But there were differences in the S1. The slightly more powerful engine EA113 old, not the new , torquier used EA888 . Since you are an obsessive already know that the EA888 has camshafts driven by chain and variable valve lift .
Of course you do . How it works in such a small car?
As a means , one of the six gears strongly interact effectively in style. Thanks to mid-range torque increases. Have 231bhp and 273 pound feet at the top. This is a bit more than the Golf GTI Performance Package . The exhaust sound is a bit dark, but with this hamstring car segment will fall not short of excitement. The good old measure goes from 0 to 62 in 5.8 seconds . Since the train is so strong that you do not have to deal with - tires under control melting point or draw a crazy hidden in the front wheels . It is civilized , but mighty lively.
Is it really only manual?
In fact, the change has a good sense of mechanical precision . Shares of the clutch and gas are well judged . This means that it is easy to make small changes . In addition, because the piece be distributed so wide, you need to do when you are too busy with other things , such as sawing at the wheel are .
Lots of grip and traction ?
Probably . We can not be definitive , because we with studded tires. These shoes have Arctic a little unsure about the movements of the small wheel. But once enjoyed in a corner very well sleet and dry asphalt . The address provides sensations via standard A1, so that the small initial measured under slightly . Then on the gas and get up to half of the couple is sent to the rear wheels . You can feel the recording on a new attitude and catapult car out of a curve. If it is very slippery , you can build a proper slide.
So called S1 . Feeling , a semi - domesticated bad car guy rough rally in any way?
Nope . They called S1, because it is a S version on the A1 to the direct convention S3 , S4 , S5 , S6 , S7 and S8.
So actually it's a bit too civilized and Remote - feel so ...
No, not really. It features adaptive dampers and torque vectoring for the brakes , but are subtle. In other respects it is to get to a natural feel and know simple car . And the range of driving aids are strictly limited. Of course, an Audi S- car has an impeccably appointed cabin. Made the best of every city dweller , even if it is looking a little bit of these days. The hike is not too hard, and it will cruise at highway speeds without the ears.
And when an Audi S- car, it's probably not cheap ?
Not bad . The three-door is £ 24,900 , the Sportback is € 730 . The computer is not wildly generous, but think about the power and the transmission line and the quality

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