Audi Within the AM racing secret hideaway

The slopes of the edges of an industrial zone in Audi, Ingolstadt seat AOS a humble, well-dressed building sits. No, there is no direction in AM the door, doorbell, and one-way window.

For that you need to use a phone booth in the American style. There, Äôll a man who, once verified, you can speak in buzz for three boundary bulletproof doors.

Audi is the hangar AM concealment, which the German company is willing to keep a secret. Including Audi, AOS entire back catalog, with 600 rare and often unaffordable cars are spread over many floors. Even Top Gear ISN, AOT allows you to see everything, but granted access have broken the single-story, thanks to a lot of persuasion. Level-2.

Fortunately Level 2 contains the best stuff: Motorsports. Some of the legendary revolutionary car racing ever grace the planet all wonderful in manure covered his last race as if parked in an NCP.

Silver Arrows, Alpine evidence winner, Le Mans legends gather revolutionaries, Pikes Peak cars Punisher and champions that AORE all here. And they all have some pretty juicy stories behind them.

Then click forward to discover how Audi has pretty much every single type of motor sport, not the AM always introduced or changed dominated. Oh, and some very nice photos.

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