Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First drive : Jaguar XFR - S Sport Brake

jaguar XFR


Jaguar XFR-S - What's this?As reported recently , Jaguar wants a piece of the super- property market by the Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes E63 dominates . For this purpose a body SportBrake XFR -S was escaped in basics. Lifestyle and speed in a package by hand , this is the game field .The same numbers of power and torque than the basic life ?Of course, but for those looking to save the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 develops 542bhp and 501 foot-pounds of torque. All of this is sent to the rear wheels through the most excellent automatic transmission ZF eight-speed wheels. Before you get that far , the performance is directed by an electronically controlled mechanical differential , because, you know , traction.Surely they must have done something , fiddling suspension also ?You have indeed.
The extra weight of the body SportBrake meant the rear springs and shock absorbers have a tailored fit and performed not only directly from the salon . The rear axle is also changed , and it is a new roll bar . Compared to the regular polygon of shrubs are also stiffer. This is entirely as expected. Tech -wise, not much has changed from the lounge. It has continuously variable damper , 380mm front and 376mm rear brakes and lateral stiffness is up 30 percent.You forgot to mention how fast it goes ...Ah , yes. 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds, electronically limited 186. The latter is plenty fast enough , the first is not as fast for a car with so much power . Both the E63 and RS6 do the same sprint in about four seconds flat . From the line of the Jag is a fraction slower wake up , but once up and running I'm pretty sure you can keep . But from the compressor maximum performance is not as wild and exciting here as it is in either the RS6 or E63 . Is greater than torque on the floor , feet 501 pounds all available 2500rpm .So what that means added everything ?It's hard to say at this time . TG has one for about 15 minutes . Around Geneva. We went up a hill , through some of the suburbs and along the lakefront. That was it. A prototype car was so fully representative of production models. However, more comfortable than a rival brought here from the UK to drive our long-term Audi RS6 . What we can say is that compared to Audi, Jaguar has much nicer and more natural feel and steering feels a bit more agile. The Audi counters with a powerful, powerful engine, safety and 4 - wheel drive and an interior that makes the Jag look as old as it is now.Not the prettiest Jag , right?Blame the wheels. The 20-inch alloys Varuna are not exactly subtle when combined with bright colors do nothing to the classic lines of the XF Sport Brake. This can be a wonderful stealth farm when specced correctly . Nevertheless, it would be difficult to feel that the time is catching up with the interior XF to be avoided. Clear, open vents to turn still , rotary switch button appears and there is a reasonable amount of storage space as well as the place intended . But it is not enough , more. The basics of the cab back to 2008.What about the trunk?All right. No leader in its class, but 1675 liters with the seats is sufficient and means that the Jaguar XFR-S  is the most of the housework. If it does not fit here , try an E63 wagon. The are enormous in the back.You can have a 4WD E63 now , right?Only on the continent at the time , but I doubt that it will last until Merc detects that the pair distribution through four wheels make much sense in the UK also . Jaguar will be the same over time? It is a big if. It has 4WD XJ and XF - built for foreign markets , but does not seem to believe Jag combination of 4WD and R badging is the way to go at this time . It seems like the adherence to the purity of the rear wheel than most other brands.So, to summarize ?The Jaguar XFR - S Sport Brake drives very well , but seems a bit exaggerated. From the first impression we want to be the exhaust a little rowdier and be the engine to natural in their delivery. It is almost too well behaved. Jaguar XFR-S Prices start at £ 82.495 , and a combined economy figure of 22.2mpg and 297g/km of CO2 a strong effect , the operating costs are on the high side . As the XFR - S saloon , I think this is more about creating brand Jaguar . Would you like to SportBrake can be seen as a lifestyle farm , and that gives you a little more praise for this assertion .

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