Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet the new Audi TT

Time for a new Audi TT is now. When the original 1998 TT was all about the design, and the second to order a driving experience that distinctive way half as concentrated , and the third - on the basis of fundamentals ubiquitous VW Group 's MQB - has to do with the digital era. The dynamics and cockpit are all super- configurable.Remains largely a TT. Sentimental endearing idiosyncrasies of the car Mk1 will be pleased to see the body is once again, which was built by very geometrically pure blocks apart. View arches point closely drawn , beveled window frames and the simple underlying hull. There's even a bonus for the circular door aluminum fuel in the (false), surrounded by all the leaders .Even if the design is clearly the evolution rather than revolution - some would shy - the MkIII looks lower and wider than the previous TT , mainly thanks to the more horizontal lines at the front and rear. In fact , it is much the same size, the most important change a slightly longer distance between axes , cutting the front overhang . That is never a bad thing .The body itself uses high-strength steel for the core, but aluminum rails form the sill and the roof frame . Most of the aluminum skin and a part of the suspension . All-in petrol TT is 50 kg lighter than before, to 1230kg . And it has more power and more torque . Audi TT has 230bhp , the 310bhp TTS quattro .Inside, the areas are completely virtual, that is part of a screen 1440 pixels high definition driving. The same figure navigation information is displayed, so if you click to see a larger map , the speedometer and tachometer be space-saving places . More vacation cabin cleans the air conditioning , which provides all real buttons and ads in the middle of the three center round nozzles.The center console MMI controller ensures sound , telephone, navigation and connection to the outside world. Besides all the configurable options in this digital age - machine.More fancy tech displays outside. As usual with Audi has launched the bling been shaped outdoor lighting . Versions Saca LED headlights - " Matrix" , which can remain in the beam, while blocking , the sections of the output , so do not cars come from blind forehead. They also point to the left or right, if the navigation system says get a corner.You will notice the mechanical formula - turbo engine , front-wheel drive or four-wheel , manual or DSG . But even that is enhanced to give , for example , the fully electronic control torque vectoring system quattro . Clicking in the dynamic mode. Audi Magnetic Ride adjustable dampers are also available.Leading the charge is the TTS. It is a 2.0- liter 310bhp with the S option - tronic transmission that you are looking at 0-62 in 4.7 seconds . Conventional Audi TT has but a similar engine tuned 230bhp 2.0 . You can quattro or FWD with this. The diesel is a 184bhp FWD spending , a configuration that is CO2 good for 0-62 in 7.2sec and 110g/km

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