Saturday, April 5, 2014

First Ride: The Chevy Camaro Z/28 Part 2

OK, this is the entire mechanism. Anything else?
Aerodynamics has toyed with. , Thanks to the openings square jaw front splitter, hood and valve cover, a rear spoiler are fitted with an extra lip and a few other small things that not only Z/28 Free will all lift, which generates an output 150 pounds, also . Chevy bowtie logo in front of the radiator grille is also emptied to allow air movement.
And the suspension has a fundamental right to have to make all the above changes for the better review. Highlights: front springs are 85 percent stiffer than a Camaro SS rears, 65 percent are heavier. Bushings rear suspension to give 25 percent vs. 50 percent stiffer and less flexible more steering feel.
All work is done, the team of "light" the Z/28, the rear seat is not a framework to have to save weight, the rear glass is 0.3 mm thinner than the standard, and the air conditioning is 12.9 kg is only included as an option.
What's it like to drive?
Along the way, it's noisy - all the soundproofing has been removed to save weight - and the huge tires follow every bump and lump in the road, so you can constantly correct. The ride is very firm, almost to the point of sometimes uncomfortable. And there is nothing in the cabin, so it's like a $ 75k car.
On the track, it is a revelation. You forget everything. About noise as he stared in disbelief at mild to what happens on the other side of the windshield Tires felt uneasy about the street, come to temperature quickly and his footsteps sink deep into the track to almost smooth grip -like and feel in the corners. You can keep them in power lock, while hard to come to power and that just will not quit or start pushing well past any reasonable point.
You can also make an almost absurd amount of lead and speed through the corners. Camaro Z/28 engineers boost a car, a phrase that is usually reserved for vehicles with more grip than power. But the Z/28 has tons of grip and plenty of power, too. Plus chassis, huge curbs to clean because it is not there.
He was also one of the best control systems selectable chassis we have ever used. The performance of five steps Traction Management Set-up begins with safety nets and void in position 1, then you can use the traction and stability as it gradually grows in value. It also has a flying car mode to engage the traction control while the car is in the air to stop. So it's a monster, but it is a wise and benign.
And one which is not easily worn. After 30 laps of high speed Barber Motorsports Park, the car was perfectly fine. More fuel is needed, but the brakes, the tires, the engine was hot, but it still works perfectly. I do not remember that ever happening before me.
So should I buy?
If you think you would be fine, a drive as a daily driver, no. The ZL1 is a car much, much better way with more grunt, comfort and common courtesy. Also, it is cheaper and more efficient. But if you can drive a car to track day and blow the doors off almost anything else like it, yes, this is absolutely Z/28 car for you.
First the good C7 Corvette and Camaro Z/28 now unexpectedly fine - do not know what GM put in your tea, but hopefully not run anytime soon.
7008 cc, 8cyl, RWD, 505bhp, 652 nm, N / A mpg, N / A g / km, 0-60mph 4.5secs (est), 180 mph (est.), 1,732 kg (with optional air conditioning remove)

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