Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baptizes new small Jag saloon " XE"

Jaguar XE - We have long known that Jaguar will soon add a entry level offer a four-door , to sit under the XF and nostril to nostril with the BMW 3 - Series ( the current XF , but do not see it , it is actually more May 1 - Series) .Now we know what to call the entry-level sedan . It's called ...Jaguar XE .What do you think you would have imagined, what with "E " are out of the "F " in the alphabet ? Well, you had guessed that the Jaguar XE , as Jaguar , is the first aluminum - monocoque vehicle in its segment to be ?Did you know ? Damn . Anyway, this means that the aluminum shell XE should be lighter than the competition , which means more efficiency , performance, and , uh , aluminum .This power is called the courtesy of a new engine family JLR "genius" comes bundled with the new company in the West Midlands and definitely do not share a name with a leading brand of treating indigestion .Both petrol and diesel will be two liter engine four-cylinder , and Jaguar says , is that the XE 186 mph -plus to cover the full range of rhythm sub-100g/km CO2 emissions . Although probably not at the same time .As with the XJ and XF , the XE is installed with both RWD and AWD flavors , but it is unclear if the latter is obtained in the UK.I do not know is how the Jaguar XE will look like. So far, only shows header Jag a shot just before the end of the sedan that looks ... well , that's really really looks like XF . Like its big brother, the promises Jaguar XE will be a point of attraction." We never forget , we designed a Jaguar , and that means it must be [ ... ] to see and exciting to drive," says design director Ian Callum. " We believe we have done the same with the Jaguar XE . "

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