Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yes , the current Ayrton Senna NSX for sale

Ayrton Senna NSX - That's better, right? Just looking at the black Honda NSX is up enough to help you forget , this Formula One rocket tips (we are in the eyes, Toro Rosso ) . This is all the more because it was therapeutic actually heard of Ayrton Senna. Now , is for sale .Yes , a real NSX passed once and Ayrton Senna owned cross the block in the sale of classic cars Silverstone Auctions ' next month It was originally purchased by Ayrton manager and friend Antonio Carlos de Almeida Braga, for use by the F1. - to his home in Portugal to visit champion. Suggest an Avis car , anyway.If only covered 31,800 miles , has leather interior , manual and lasting aura of a legend of F1. Not to mention, the reason for the excellence of the NSX partially Senna himself, the direct input into the corners and the handling characteristics of the vehicle is provided .Silverstone Auctions wants to give a morbid turn of events , to remind us how this year is celebrating 20 years since the death of Ayrton bad luck at Imola in 1994 , and his black NSX would be a good investment . Here we want to celebrate the ability of Ayrton , and instead of pointing you in the direction of the source of his latest genius : not from his Zen approach to the competition, but the fact that the wearing of white socks . Ayrton Senna NSX

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