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Auto Show Detroit Autorama 2015

Prices Pictures Car Reviews : - Auto Show Detroit Autorama 2015 - The Detroit show this year was more global than ever before. He was also very relevant. The new metal production was usually the guy who could relate to without much explanation , and concepts were attractive , but not too fancy .

Toyota - Lexus had a great show. Finally, there is clear evidence of what the company president Akio Toyoda, and its engineers have promise for a while.

You want to make cars that are more of the device: Rent really crave the people .

The Toyota FT-1 looks good, and especially shows how the company is developing a voice distinctive design for all cars.

But if there is a production of spin-off (big if) is a way away. Lexus, shown for the CR- F, is a few years ago the parent company in getting its distinctive design .

And the RC -F should take a bit of an event and see - brake calipers behind the headlights come naturally aspirated engine.Not so happy for VW Audi show.

VW has meant growth in the…

Baptizes new small Jag saloon " XE"

Jaguar XE - We have long known that Jaguar will soon add a entry level offer a four-door , to sit under the XF and nostril to nostril with the BMW 3 - Series ( the current XF , but do not see it , it is actually more May 1 - Series) .Now we know what to call the entry-level sedan . It's called ...Jaguar XE .What do you think you would have imagined, what with "E " are out of the "F " in the alphabet ? Well, you had guessed that the Jaguar XE , as Jaguar , is the first aluminum - monocoque vehicle in its segment to be ?Did you know ? Damn . Anyway, this means that the aluminum shell XE should be lighter than the competition , which means more efficiency , performance, and , uh , aluminum .This power is called the courtesy of a new engine family JLR "genius" comes bundled with the new company in the West Midlands and definitely do not share a name with a leading brand of treating indigestion .Both petrol and diesel will be two liter engine four-…

First drive : Jaguar XFR - S Sport Brake

Jaguar XFR-S - What's this?As reported recently , Jaguar wants a piece of the super- property market by the Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes E63 dominates . For this purpose a body SportBrake XFR -S was escaped in basics. Lifestyle and speed in a package by hand , this is the game field .The same numbers of power and torque than the basic life ?Of course, but for those looking to save the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 develops 542bhp and 501 foot-pounds of torque. All of this is sent to the rear wheels through the most excellent automatic transmission ZF eight-speed wheels. Before you get that far , the performance is directed by an electronically controlled mechanical differential , because, you know , traction.Surely they must have done something , fiddling suspension also ?You have indeed.

The extra weight of the body SportBrake meant the rear springs and shock absorbers have a tailored fit and performed not only directly from the salon . The rear axle is also changed , and it is a …

First drive : Jaguar F -Type Coupe

Jaguar F type - Just a little. The F- coupe is stiffer car Jaguar has ever built. In fact, technology is smarter among you will notice that the number of 33,000 Nm per degree makes it one of the stiffest cars in history. The F Convertible is as solid as convertibles go . This thing is twice as stiff . It's a real professional boxer , the impression that is firmly underlined by the addition of a roof. The convertible is the builder of the image, and with more than 10,000 for a year, do the work for Jaguar sold before arrival . But that's what we've been waiting for. It also looks strong, especially the eye up the rear.So, how does it feel ?No cost or obligation .

Jaguar persisted in a circuit called Motorland , deep in the desert of Northern Spanish . This is a level FIA approved track 3.2 miles long, and a place of MotoGP . It is also in places with difficult nature of the vertices view and blind crests , which provide the driver in question and punish a wayward chass…

Jaguar XF Review and Pictures

In 2007 and 2008, Jaguar discontinued its S-Type series and stepped into the future with the Jaguar XF . The Jaguar XF represents the latest in Jaguar styling and innovation, and from the introduction of the C-XF concept car unveiled in Detroit 2007, to the production version available in 2008, the XF has been wowing customers and competitors alike.

The XF comes in three model categories, and these categories and their features are laid out below. As is common with Jaguar series, the models are mostly differentiated by engine power, and interior design.

Jaguar sets the entry point into its XF range high, and the 'Luxury' name is no misnomer. Coming standard with either a Diesel 2.7 liter V6 engine, or a Petrol 3.0 V6, the basic model comes packed full of performance driving features including a 6 speed electronic automatic transmission, Jaguar sequential shift, Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control, Jaguar Drive Control, Electric Parking Brake, Vented Disc Brak…

Jaguar C-X75 Review and Pictures

Jaguar C-X75 - To lionize 75 years of Jaguars everyday living, this luxury car manufacturer unveiled the incredible C-X75 in the 2010 Paris Auto Show! Jaguars purpose would have been to show which it still has the kittens and cats’ grumble in launching modern cars in the market!

This new Jaguar C-X75 might just set brand-new expectations inside automobile industry just like the Panthera onca E-Type performed 50 years ago!

This new Jaguar C-X75 main development is just about the twin wind generators mounted on the rear, and in addition they don´T electrical power the trolley wheels! The twin wind generators manage small power power generators that might wholly 4 electric magnetic motors! Actually, this gorgeous car can be an electric 4 wheel drive car!

Now with the sensation this idea car provoked in the introduction last year, Jaguar happy aficionados using the announcement the new Jaguar C-X75 goes into product and launched involving 2013 and 2015 with 250 units!

Jaguar C-X75 - 250 U…