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The 2014 Nissan Road Warrior, The GT-R Muscle Car

Nissan GT-R 2014

2014 Nissan GT-R - Somewhere and someone within the Nissan dynasty wanted a real muscle car. Yes, Nissan has many wanna-be ones for the middle and poor class, well, at least they look like them. So, Nissan went to work looking at the German Porsche 911, Audi R8 GT, Lamborghini Gallardo and Bugati Veyron. They used some of those cars genetic code "borrowing" other ideas and concepts. That's what they do. Then, like a mad scientist, added into their own ideas and code while always being mindful of price. What kind of person can afford it, who will use it in daily life.

Nissan GT-R Premium 2014

The result was the GT-R. A car some have compared to a Ducati with a windscreen- this is a very high compliment. Just looking at the specs tells you what it is:
  • 545 hp engine
  • 3800 lbs
  • 196 mph top speed
  • 0-60 mph in 3 seconds!
  • Twin turbos in a 3.8 liter engne
Its V6 engine with its two turbos and 24 valves with six speeds is like at Ducati because of its refined yet noisy mechanical hums, whirs, chirr. A car for $100,000 (its base price) is expected to be quiet refined, not noisy refined. But, in a way, that IS the appeal. Its mechanical. Its not to say it is annoying sound, but one may or may not like it. Driving the car in any speed is like busting through a door when unexpected. There is so much torque at all RPM levels you thrust down the road, not drive. Its "track" version, sold for $115,000, enters the Bugati specs by bolting a quarter mile in 11 seconds. Its powertrain is all wheel at times, and when it is not, it is all rear wheel driven. The car MPG is, as expected, hmmm, like most V6 engines- 16\23. Very close to Subaru Outback's with a V6. So, as a commuter car of long distances, not a good choice unless you like gas stations.

The Nissan GT-R genetics are traced directly to their 1970's Skyline 2000 GT, which is a collector car.

Nissan GT-R Interrior 2014

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