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Most Fuel Efficient Electric Cars for 2014

Most Fuel Efficient Electric Cars for 2014 - Are you wondering what cars will save you the most money on gas in 2014 and beyond? With gas prices hovering over $3.50 and no signs of that declining any time soon, it’s smart and economical to buy a car that sips on gas! Avoid gas guzzlers – instead take a hard look at one of these environmentally friendly vehicles.
According to FuelEconomy.Gov, a car that gets you 10 MPG more than another will save you about $900 per year! That amounts to about $4,500 in savings over 5 years.
Fuel Economy 101 - Cars With Greater Than 50 MPG Gas Mileage

Here are my top 3 favorite fuel efficient cars for 2014 and beyond:

#3. Nissan Leaf – The 2014 model will be able to wirelessly recharge itself, according to reports. No more power cables! The fuel economy for the 2013 model gets approxiamately 115 MPG, so expect even better with the 2014 model. Estimated listing price? $35,000 - $38,000.

#2. 2013 Honda Fit EV – The electric vehicle gets a 118 MPG…

The 2014 Nissan Road Warrior, The GT-R Muscle Car

2014 Nissan GT-R- Somewhere and someone within the Nissan dynasty wanted a real muscle car. Yes, Nissan has many wanna-be ones for the middle and poor class, well, at least they look like them. So, Nissan went to work looking at the German Porsche 911, Audi R8 GT, Lamborghini Gallardo and Bugati Veyron. They used some of those cars genetic code "borrowing" other ideas and concepts. That's what they do. Then, like a mad scientist, added into their own ideas and code while always being mindful of price. What kind of person can afford it, who will use it in daily life.

The result was the GT-R. A car some have compared to a Ducati with a windscreen- this is a very high compliment. Just looking at the specs tells you what it is: 545 hp engine 3800 lbs 196 mph top speed 0-60 mph in 3 seconds! Twin turbos in a 3.8 liter engne Its V6 engine with its two turbos and 24 valves with six speeds is like at Ducati because of its refined yet noisy mechanical hums, whirs, ch…

Chevy 2014 Corvette Stingray

The Chevy 2014 Corvette Stingray was finally unleashed by General Motors Co on 13th January, in the North-American International auto-show, in Detroit. This is actually the 1st new version of this iconic sports car in 9 years and it only shares two parts with the 2013 Chevy model. The 2014 Corvette has a unique styling which it picked from the 1963 stingray and all the other newer Corvette models. Other than performing better than the 2013 Chevy, this 2-seater sports car will definitely give you better gas mileage than all the other models.

The Specifications With this 7th generation Chevy, Chevrolet retained their 2-door hatchback shape, but with an additional all-new aluminum-chassis and an intensely designed bodywork which is composed of composites & carbon-fiber reinforced plastic.

The vents in the fender & the hood of this car were designed to allow air to effortlessly pass through its body to lower the aerodynamic lift. And to make it even beautiful, Chevrolet …

Laferrari - Best Car Ever on 2014

LaFerrari, as you know, is one of the most well known (if not the biggest) names in sports cars out there. They've come a long way, but with the new 2014 laferrari they have stepped up to an entirely different level. This is the best 2014 car ever.

What's Under The Hood
This is a 6LV-12 engine, 950 horsepower monster, but it's a delicate road conquerer due to Ferrari's trademark of having handstitched Italian leather seats. It really is an amazing car, that has finesse and power all in one.
This is a hybrid car, meaning Ferrari has blended speed with energy saving. How does one do that? Nobody knows, except the creators themselves.
What I Love About This CarI mean besides the fast speeds and the simple fact that there are plenty of areas in Germany where there are no MPH limits. The style. It's so futuristic that it's actually almost scary. The colors offered by Ferrari are amazing because they're bold and bright and that this car can be customized (f…