Exclusive World First Drive: McLaren P1

Typical. I get to drive a McLaren P1 and rain is biblical. Also, only the first heavy frost of the year in Belgium, so that the rain hits the asphalt slippery jumping into a future that is not for £ 866,000, 903bhp hypercar might be less attractive that if you had oiled some ice and aligned the street with the puppy.

Caution is definitely a good thing, however. How do I find out later. Meanwhile, carefully tiptoeing away from the Spa Francorchamps circuit by 5 clock in the P1 is painfully simple. In fact, not even wake the other guests at the hotel by the simple expedient of reptiles in EV mode, the only sound the crunch of tires on the frozen ground and a low moan of science fiction.

I can see it from the to reverse out of the garage usable thanks to the mirrors, and the view forward is broad and useful display. It feels small. And not threatening. And easy. I did not expect, dass derived The twin-turbo V8 from 12C complains in life after a while and went to Britain. That'…

Lexus shows the new RC -F

Lexus RC - It may be possible - oh, please - the new RC -F is a dose of what the LF -A was so great in a car , to go against the new BMW M4 ?On stage, Lexus F RC - wheels at the Detroit Motor Show today. Since the 4 - series is not simply a two-door 3 Series is the new Lexus coupe RC not only a two-door IS. It is the length of the SI , the width of the GS.

And this version F shoves his 19 -inch wheels to the edge of the arches swollen.But its main feature is under that bulging hood. Just when we thought the naturally aspirated engine was lying quietly for good, here comes a 5.0-liter V8 snort. Is connected with the beautiful animal of an engine as a great start back in the old IS- F, but it is even more powerful. Lexus says more than 450bhp .

Thanks to all that the good old offset , but also makes a frantic 383 pounds -feet of torque.Of course it is the contraction of the CO2, the Mercedes -AMG , BMW M and Audi RS Turbo was pressed. Lexus has an answer. A light cruiser V8 goes in A…

Lexus INT- F vs BMW M4: fight!

Lexus INT- F vs BMWM4 - if you've seen the new episode of Top Gear last night, you know that Jeremy and James were infected with 'Golf ' is displayed . That's because as much good as the new RC -F Lexus, a car here are very interested in TG . It's a car , after all, who wants to take your BMW M4 - how we can politely - rear differential . Over and over again .Of course, Lexus would not say anything as explicit as that , if you consider that Paul Horrell TG does not refer to a specific measurable opposition, but worked hard to " build a Lexus. "But INT- F and M4 are the same size roughly . Close enough to produce the same power . Both are rear-wheel drive and two versions of the two -door sedan sibling. In fact , the brothers said they went in every classroom fists fly in their latest iterations, and these young men seem willing to be resume hostilities ."We believe this car is to drive the most fun " , Lexus , Mark Templin told Top Gear . Ga…

Revealed Honda Civic R Concept

Honda Civic R Concept - This is the new concept from Honda R before its official debut show at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. That is definitely getting a new Civic Type -R.Several pieces of evidence lead us to this statement.First, this drawing . Created by the computer manufacturer's design as a " race car for the road " to test the public reaction in the next month before a real life version of that land in Switzerland was baptized.Secondly , and built a mule Honda Type-R . And has a single 2.0-liter turbocharged four- pot that is given and Gabriele Tarquini drove very fast around the Nürburgring 280bhp produced . Then because Top Gear Jason Barlow , who drove around the test track for Honda in Tochigi more slowly.Third, it is about bloody time . Like most people fist fight was a can of dog food in the mud after the crisis, the automaker decided not to use their resources to plow into something funny far more confined to the upper end of the market agents. Thing…

Yes , the current Ayrton Senna NSX for sale

Ayrton Senna NSX - That's better, right? Just looking at the black Honda NSX is up enough to help you forget , this Formula One rocket tips (we are in the eyes, Toro Rosso ) . This is all the more because it was therapeutic actually heard of Ayrton Senna. Now , is for sale .Yes , a real NSX passed once and Ayrton Senna owned cross the block in the sale of classic cars Silverstone Auctions ' next month It was originally purchased by Ayrton manager and friend Antonio Carlos de Almeida Braga, for use by the F1. - to his home in Portugal to visit champion. Suggest an Avis car , anyway.If only covered 31,800 miles , has leather interior , manual and lasting aura of a legend of F1. Not to mention, the reason for the excellence of the NSX partially Senna himself, the direct input into the corners and the handling characteristics of the vehicle is provided .Silverstone Auctions wants to give a morbid turn of events , to remind us how this year is celebrating 20 years since t…

Here is the Ford Focus facelift

Ford Focus facelift - It is not easy being a hatch middle class family . One moment you 're the shiny new kid on the block , the next minute you hit an oversupply of younger rival techier.And so it is for the Ford Focus MkIII . Less than four years running , has changed since the MkVII VW Golf ( not to mention all his clones MQB ) , Peugeot 308 and the Mazda 3 have been attacked , along with new Nissan Qashqai and a little more than strangers .Not that the focus has been greatly reduced in favor of you : in 2013 , attention second best selling car in Britain , just hit the little brother party focused .But clearly err on the side of caution Ford Focus has Facelift , treat a sharp new look - including a style grill "Fiesta " is definitely not appropriate from a container of parts of the Gaydon area - along with new technologies and new engines.The most interesting of these is a new version of the 1.5-liter Ford EcoBoost petrol fine , for the first time in Euro…

Reasons to be cheerful : ST vs Ford Fiesta XR2

ST vs Ford Fiesta XR2 - Our Hot Hatch of the Year Award , perhaps the most coveted of all TopGear bright trophies, goes to the Ford Fiesta ST . Of course, it does everything that should do a hot hatch . But so many other hot hatches. The difference with the Ford is for 16.995 pounds to do it. This often means that you are missing something that other people. But no . It has 180bhp . Looks cracking. The chassis has been designed with as much love as McLaren. It grabs and goes better than the others and - as we can see - there is no trick. Traders might require a few thousand more , and I still feel like a good deal. But they do not do it, and good on them . Power for the People ? It is borderline fiesta are for about 30 years . Cast your mind back to 1983 XR2 , sold more 150,000. It cost £ 5957 when new , which - if adjusted for inflation - is £ 17.023 . Almost equal to what it costs the ST today. It was the first party to bring the XR badge - it was a MkI in the late …