Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reasons to be cheerful : ST vs Ford Fiesta XR2

 ST vs Ford Fiesta XR2 - Our Hot Hatch of the Year Award , perhaps the most coveted of all TopGear bright trophies, goes to the Ford Fiesta ST . Of course, it does everything that should do a hot hatch . But so many other hot hatches. The difference with the Ford is for 16.995 pounds to do it. This often means that you are missing something that other people. But no . It has 180bhp . Looks cracking. The chassis has been designed with as much love as McLaren. It grabs and goes better than the others and - as we can see - there is no trick. Traders might require a few thousand more , and I still feel like a good deal. But they do not do it, and good on them . Power for the People ? It is borderline fiesta are for about 30 years . Cast your mind back to 1983 XR2 , sold more 150,000. It cost £ 5957 when new , which - if adjusted for inflation - is £ 17.023 . Almost equal to what it costs the ST today. It was the first party to bring the XR badge - it was a MkI in the late seventies - but you all remember with fog kind of rally , Pepperpot alloys exhaust section special " BuzzBox " tickle help your Nether (if these things are not happy do, we recommend you get a copy of this magazine exchange Summary bushes ? ) .

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