Monday, April 14, 2014

Lexus INT- F vs BMW M4: fight!

Lexus INT- F vs BMW M4 - if you've seen the new episode of Top Gear last night, you know that Jeremy and James were infected with 'Golf ' is displayed . That's because as much good as the new RC -F Lexus, a car here are very interested in TG . It's a car , after all, who wants to take your BMW M4 - how we can politely - rear differential . Over and over again .Of course, Lexus would not say anything as explicit as that , if you consider that Paul Horrell TG does not refer to a specific measurable opposition, but worked hard to " build a Lexus. "But INT- F and M4 are the same size roughly . Close enough to produce the same power . Both are rear-wheel drive and two versions of the two -door sedan sibling. In fact , the brothers said they went in every classroom fists fly in their latest iterations, and these young men seem willing to be resume hostilities ."We believe this car is to drive the most fun " , Lexus , Mark Templin told Top Gear . Gauntlet , consider yourself thrown . And as such , we thought you might appreciate a little hand to hand comparison to see how much the new RC -F Lexus and BMW M4 stack up against each other ...Lexus INT- F vs BMW M4

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