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Auto Show Detroit Autorama 2015

Prices Pictures Car Reviews : - Auto Show Detroit Autorama 2015 - The Detroit show this year was more global than ever before. He was also very relevant. The new metal production was usually the guy who could relate to without much explanation , and concepts were attractive , but not too fancy .

Toyota - Lexus had a great show. Finally, there is clear evidence of what the company president Akio Toyoda, and its engineers have promise for a while.

You want to make cars that are more of the device: Rent really crave the people .

The Toyota FT-1 looks good, and especially shows how the company is developing a voice distinctive design for all cars.

But if there is a production of spin-off (big if) is a way away. Lexus, shown for the CR- F, is a few years ago the parent company in getting its distinctive design .

And the RC -F should take a bit of an event and see - brake calipers behind the headlights come naturally aspirated engine.Not so happy for VW Audi show.

VW has meant growth in the…

Revealed Honda Civic R Concept

Honda Civic R Concept - This is the new concept from Honda R before its official debut show at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. That is definitely getting a new Civic Type -R.Several pieces of evidence lead us to this statement.First, this drawing . Created by the computer manufacturer's design as a " race car for the road " to test the public reaction in the next month before a real life version of that land in Switzerland was baptized.Secondly , and built a mule Honda Type-R . And has a single 2.0-liter turbocharged four- pot that is given and Gabriele Tarquini drove very fast around the Nürburgring 280bhp produced . Then because Top Gear Jason Barlow , who drove around the test track for Honda in Tochigi more slowly.Third, it is about bloody time . Like most people fist fight was a can of dog food in the mud after the crisis, the automaker decided not to use their resources to plow into something funny far more confined to the upper end of the market agents. Thing…

Yes , the current Ayrton Senna NSX for sale

Ayrton Senna NSX - That's better, right? Just looking at the black Honda NSX is up enough to help you forget , this Formula One rocket tips (we are in the eyes, Toro Rosso ) . This is all the more because it was therapeutic actually heard of Ayrton Senna. Now , is for sale .Yes , a real NSX passed once and Ayrton Senna owned cross the block in the sale of classic cars Silverstone Auctions ' next month It was originally purchased by Ayrton manager and friend Antonio Carlos de Almeida Braga, for use by the F1. - to his home in Portugal to visit champion. Suggest an Avis car , anyway.If only covered 31,800 miles , has leather interior , manual and lasting aura of a legend of F1. Not to mention, the reason for the excellence of the NSX partially Senna himself, the direct input into the corners and the handling characteristics of the vehicle is provided .Silverstone Auctions wants to give a morbid turn of events , to remind us how this year is celebrating 20 years since t…

2013 Honda Crosstour Review and Pictures

2013 Honda Crosstour offers four-cylinder engine. Crosstour models are powered by a 2.4-liter, 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC ® engine producing 192 horsepower at 7,000 RPM and 162 lb-ft of torque at 4400 RPM. To maximize efficiency, 5-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control is standard equipment.

Since its debut as a 2010 model, Honda Crosstour Crossover SUV has created its own unique identity with style, the typical sleek sporty and fuel-efficient. This continued for 2013 with a fresh new exterior that provides a more rugged, active, and premium, while still hiding the rear cargo area to accommodate large truck. An under-floor storage area in the rear of the vehicle adds even more functionality, while reversible floor panels accommodate cargo mess.

2013 Honda Crosstour has inspired handling, thanks to the double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension independent front and rear stabilizer bars, and strut tower bar front. All Honda Crosstour models include power-assisted ven…