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Auto Show Detroit Autorama 2015

Prices Pictures Car Reviews : - Auto Show Detroit Autorama 2015 - The Detroit show this year was more global than ever before. He was also very relevant. The new metal production was usually the guy who could relate to without much explanation , and concepts were attractive , but not too fancy .

Toyota - Lexus had a great show. Finally, there is clear evidence of what the company president Akio Toyoda, and its engineers have promise for a while.

You want to make cars that are more of the device: Rent really crave the people .

The Toyota FT-1 looks good, and especially shows how the company is developing a voice distinctive design for all cars.

But if there is a production of spin-off (big if) is a way away. Lexus, shown for the CR- F, is a few years ago the parent company in getting its distinctive design .

And the RC -F should take a bit of an event and see - brake calipers behind the headlights come naturally aspirated engine.Not so happy for VW Audi show.

VW has meant growth in the…

LaFerrari vs Enzo : Part Two

Some time ago , a member of the Internet has released a video in which two of the best cars hyper Maranello fought in some hills . It was a LaFerrari and Enzo , and left us all what we did for a while , because the noise was incredible .
The time , therefore , again to stop because more material from this point of view has been demonstrated and is from the inside LaFerrari ; said, a point of view shot , the loud ( and good) sounds exactly as expected hybrid hypercar bloody .

Oh , yes , the hybrid bit . Do not forget. LaFerrari uses an electric motor to supplement this stonking 6.3-liter , 790bhp V12 many things happen quickly , it's 0-62mph doing 186 kph in 15 seconds less than three seconds, 0-124 mph in less than seven seconds. The maximum speed ? More than 217 mph.
He also produced the soundtrack to the right, even as you will certainly find through the video. Have also included the last two videos, you can give the full complement .
A note , though: please always safe and …

LaFerrari vs Ferrari Enzo: it is in

Hyper cars are both momentum on their nail, because they are pure point, absolute drama. In this sense, we now want to stop whatever you are doing and take a few minutes to watch these videos.
It is material LaFerrari drive through the hills with a Ferrari Enzo in pursuit. Yes, that sentence just happened. The soundtrack? That would be manic-6 0.3-liter, 790bhp V12 TheFerrari TheFerrari (which also has other than 160bhp electric motor, do not forget).
In fact, it has to go both fast reportedly to do 0-62 mph in less than 3 seconds, hitting 124 hours miles in less than seven Navigate to 186 mph in 15 seconds up at over 217 mph.
It also has a lot of noise that your face a few involuntary this video will make molds for the duration, because the LaFerrari sounds very, very good. Do not forget, once said Ferrari "one of the most important features of Ferrari [] is the sound of the engine."
The Enzo? That's not packing a 6.0-liter V12 with 660 horses behind him, a 0 t…

Turn your Car Into an iPhone ...

The next battleground for the big electronics company vehicles. Apple, Google and Microsoft are trying to integrate their products into the car.

Android announced a link with Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai back in early January, and now it's up to Apple.
At the Geneva Motor Show today, marking the start of a new Apple alliance with Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes, with a system called Carplay. It's pretty simple.

Connect your iPhone 5, 5S or 5C (formerly the phones are not supported, and should connect, not Bluetooth'd) on a dock, and screen pop famous car logos of their applications.
But not all of them. For now, only phone calls, messages, music (including Spotify) and cards are supported. One gets the impression that they are more integrated, but there are safety concerns with too much information in your hands while driving.

No e-mail at the time, for example.
Works with Siri, the voice recognition software from Apple, as well as the touch screen or mouse driven scr…

It is real, must be: LaMaserati is!

Lamaserati - This is the concept LaMaserati, and is not present. It is also built and is not official in any way. But it is absolutely outstanding and we want to drive very far.
From Staffordshire University graduate design transport Marcos Hostler scripted to develop the LaFerrari platform, much the same way the Maserati MC12 was built around the Enzo. Unique Ferrari KERS trick system has been removed to save weight, and the 6.3-liter V12 is tuned for extra power and transmission was adjusted accordingly. 

At least when it LaMaserati would. What does not. And it never will.
There are more design-Maserati delivery matter also, like the blue color and classic white. We have no idea whether the antenna mirror-style "ala" serve no practical any function. Or if we want them or not. But, like the rest of you are completely insane. What do you think about Lamaserati ?
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Laferrari - Best Car Ever on 2014

LaFerrari, as you know, is one of the most well known (if not the biggest) names in sports cars out there. They've come a long way, but with the new 2014 laferrari they have stepped up to an entirely different level. This is the best 2014 car ever.

What's Under The Hood
This is a 6LV-12 engine, 950 horsepower monster, but it's a delicate road conquerer due to Ferrari's trademark of having handstitched Italian leather seats. It really is an amazing car, that has finesse and power all in one.
This is a hybrid car, meaning Ferrari has blended speed with energy saving. How does one do that? Nobody knows, except the creators themselves.
What I Love About This CarI mean besides the fast speeds and the simple fact that there are plenty of areas in Germany where there are no MPH limits. The style. It's so futuristic that it's actually almost scary. The colors offered by Ferrari are amazing because they're bold and bright and that this car can be customized (f…

2013 Ferrari 458 Spider Review and Price

Ferrari 458 Spider is powered by Ferrari’s 570 CV 4499 cc V8 with dual-clutch transmissions Ferrari F1 paddle-shift through the sophisticated E-Diff is integrated with the F1-Trac traction control and high-performance ABS for maximum handling dynamics. This car is capable of delivering 0 to 100 km / h acceleration in under 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 320 km / h.

2013 Ferrari 458 Spider has certain features, such as the accelerator pedal mapping and the damping of the multilink suspension are calibrated to guarantee maximum sportiness and absolute driving pleasure with the top down so the driver will be completely captivated by the drop-top driving experience. 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider offers a number of advantages such as small space needed to house the roof enables the designers to include a rear bench for luggage behind the seats.

The rear of the car is characterized by innovative forms with the cantilever is designed to optimize the flow of air to the engine intakes and the clutch …