Monday, April 7, 2014

Turn your Car Into an iPhone ...

The next battleground for the big electronics company vehicles. Apple, Google and Microsoft are trying to integrate their products into the car.

Turn your car into an iPhone

Turn your Car Into an iPhone

Android announced a link with Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai back in early January, and now it's up to Apple.
At the Geneva Motor Show today, marking the start of a new Apple alliance with Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes, with a system called Carplay. It's pretty simple.

Connect your iPhone 5, 5S or 5C (formerly the phones are not supported, and should connect, not Bluetooth'd) on a dock, and screen pop famous car logos of their applications.
But not all of them. For now, only phone calls, messages, music (including Spotify) and cards are supported. One gets the impression that they are more integrated, but there are safety concerns with too much information in your hands while driving.

No e-mail at the time, for example.
Works with Siri, the voice recognition software from Apple, as well as the touch screen or mouse driven screen in the car.
Ferrari will be the first production.

Order a FF and tomorrow you can specify the system - even if Ferrari still has not decided whether CarPlay is a no-cost option or not.

CarPlay also be available on the California T. shot in the new Volvo XC90, was introduced later this year.
How integrated is it? Not so. TG had a play with the system of Ferrari, and if no data connection that can fall back regularly navigation and infotainment set-up in the car CarPlay menu system.

You have the impression that Apple is piggybacking the existing system does not always really under the skin.
Greg Joswiak, VP of iPhone and iOS Product Marketing declined to comment on the changes behind the screen (which were assumed to be relatively insignificant) had been made in drafting hardware or software, but it seems clear that this is just the beginning a larger, deeper deployment, with the electronics and the expertise of Apple user interface, helps easy and friendly so you can make cars.

This feels like early days at the moment.
From the perspective of the car company, the approach to a brand of electronics could be problematic in the future. Ferrari noted that some research had been done and 90 percent of its customers use Apple phones. For Volvo and Mercedes doubt the numbers so oblique, ie, they could end up alienating.

Using Android and Windows phones

Challenging auto companies say what might happen, but some have been known, have been linked to more than one provider, so it is possible that in some years, and the seat heater and LED lights, you may be able to select different onboard systems and selecting software integration.
And you can promote what they think. Certainly, the technology already exists to literally integrate all functions of the phone in the car.

However, the previously mentioned due to security concerns allowed.
But what if you do not have to drive the car? It is the intelligent S-Class Mercedes that drive themselves. And Merc is also working with Apple. Certainly, the two together is the only way to personal technology in cars are allowed.

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