Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lexus shows the new RC -F

Lexus RC - It may be possible - oh, please - the new RC -F is a dose of what the LF -A was so great in a car , to go against the new BMW M4 ?On stage, Lexus F RC - wheels at the Detroit Motor Show today. Since the 4 - series is not simply a two-door 3 Series is the new Lexus coupe RC not only a two-door IS. It is the length of the SI , the width of the GS.

Lexus shows the new RC -F

Lexus shows the new RC -F

And this version F shoves his 19 -inch wheels to the edge of the arches swollen.But its main feature is under that bulging hood. Just when we thought the naturally aspirated engine was lying quietly for good, here comes a 5.0-liter V8 snort. Is connected with the beautiful animal of an engine as a great start back in the old IS- F, but it is even more powerful. Lexus says more than 450bhp .

Thanks to all that the good old offset , but also makes a frantic 383 pounds -feet of torque.
Of course it is the contraction of the CO2, the Mercedes -AMG , BMW M and Audi RS Turbo was pressed. Lexus has an answer. A light cruiser V8 goes in Atkinson - cycle engine ... like a Prius.

Of course, there are no official figures for consumption at the moment , so you can wait and see , before the proclamation of a green miracle.
All the amount is passed through an eight -speed box for a new E- Diff back. Lexus says it will never be a 4WD version. It is rear-wheel drive to the end.
0 to 60 mph said to less than 4.5 seconds in a car with a slightly portly 1800kg weight.
Apart from all the cooling bays swallowing, pays the body design also keep a low road . There is a lifting rear spoiler and an extractor front reducing depression relieved at the base of the windshield.

The underbody has been carefully smoothed , and the "aero stabilizing fins " is also said more than just decoration hormone exciting.
Gifts to make a motor atmosphere , but what is comfortable with a manual transmission for the true old school ?

Lexus , Mark Templin Top Gear said: "Everyone wants to talk about a manual , but nobody wants to buy one. "
Rivals? Templin no measurable particular reference engineers opposition. "We wanted to build a Lexus. " Well, obviously not their hands on an M4 least for now.
"It may not be the fastest or the shortest stopping distance. But we think this car is the most fun to drive . Might better be a good pilot . "
We are fighting words . But there are people LF -A, we must take them seriously. I can not wait to have a chance.

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