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New Subaru 2016: WRX STI 2015 part 2

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Prices Pictures Car Reviews New Subaru 2016: WRX STI 2015 part 2 - If you didn't read the first part, the yous should.. :)
(First drive : New Subaru WRX STI part 1)

What contributes most ? Two systems . The first is active torque vectoring. These promote stability and braking traction control Eder inner front wheel to help the car around. It has three modes: Normal ( all on ), traction ( the intervention reduced), and outside that completely decouples the system.

The first two work best on the road, the next two are the best for the track.

The second system is the driver that is controlled center differential ( DCCD ). This box of tricks is a mechanical and an electronic differential that can work together to a wheel in the middle of the direct power to make better use of it.

Measure everything from steering angle, lateral g, RPM, and various other details before making decisions. There are three automatic and manual modes to choose six stages. It makes sense to leave it on automatic until you know what you are doing.

Why is this so? Because there is no other system that you set before we go to. This is the management system of the drive system SI -Drive. This configuration three modes, the driver can choose between Intelligent ( linear response ) Sports (more aggressive initial response to linear continuation ) Sports and Sharp, which basically makes a trigger throttle dial.

What's new in the engine department? Not much, really. It's still a turbo intercooled boxer four-cylinder and do the work. In the latter occurs just over 300 hp and 290lbft, which is a little disappointing when the last farewell STI but with 335bhp and 361 foot-pounds can open the door for future performance increases.

The good news is that the engine is still unequal length header , so that the engine sound is still uncommon alive and well.

And the gearbox ? No trace of the car or somewhere Flappy paddle here, thank God. Only a six-speed manual transmission with an optional short distance.

Everything is new ? The STI has a new braking system Brembo performance. This, like most other systems in the car, measures a basket of vital signs of the car before Bremsregelungin reduce each of the rear wheels to the bottom.

So what is it like to drive? How Banzai expected. Our first unit was at Laguna Seca racetrack, where the STI felt like home, if a little breathlessly. The engine works as hard as possible to the chassis not even felt a little stressed out. Steering feedback is definitely improved - though still quite independent - and there's a good dose of oversteer with all of.

The brakes were strong and progressive, slick gear and right engine sounds. Preferences were obtained here: Intelligent, traction and DCCD in manual mode with a rear bias.

On the way, the STI feels the same as on the track, but it feels immediately all new rigid chassis. Each lump, bump and crack telegraphed not only his hands, but the back and the back, too . That's exactly what you get when you slowly but increasingly painful

Open Your next destination in an imaginary after an hour it will .This is exactly how an STI should be: strong, fast and grippy. Preferences : Sports, drive, manual DCCD without prejudice.

Should I buy? There are other cars that are faster, more exotic and / or more premium. But none of them offer the same combination of unconventional rally racing performance and handling of the WRX STI. If you like road games console , you will love this car .

Speculation 2457 cc, 4cyl , AWD, 301bhp, 393 nm, 19 mpg , N / ag / km , 5.1secs from 0 to 60 miles per hour, 160 hours miles, 1535 kg. WRX STI price From £ 28.995

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