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2015 Lexus RC-F GT500

Prices Pictures Car Review: 2015 Lexus RC-F GT500 - Now there is the latest of a series of super GT Lexus F RC. Yes, Lexus GT500, you see all the glory in the whole body. Scary, is not it?

But following the Japanese Super GT series there is always the latest, a car of this kind (forget the good scary Honda HSV -010?) And Lexus has this Daft Punk - like image ridiculed in the car before the season debut Okayama International Circuit.

No full specifications about the car has been shown, but you know that the Super GT wants to be matched with the DTM, and this year, 3.4-liter V8 (boo) 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine step trench. Performance should reflect V8 out, so you're looking at around 500 hp, but the sound is very, very different.

Look at the pictures, and bring you more as we get it. What we know is that the standard way RC F Lexus major sports, warm 5.0-liter, which produces around 450bhp to fight with the new M4 Coupe V8. It would make for a very good fight.

2015 12c McLaren 650S price specs msrp F1 model

Prices Pictures Car Reviews - 2015 McLaren 650S - It has been disturbed, it has been partially leaked, but here it is in all its glory: the McLaren 650 S.

Here's what you need to know. The 650S is not the long-rumored" baby McLaren', the car codenamed" set P13" for the battle with the Porsche 911, but a date 12C is going to sit in this car - but of course P1 below epic - McLaren in range. Confused? We will try to explain.

The 650S is a powerful, harder version of the 12C McLaren described as "the fastest, sexiest, best equipped and most beautiful supercars in the mass production yet. It uses an improved 3.8- liter twin - turbo V8 -12C, prompted with an output of 616bhp 641bhp (which is 650 horsepower, hence the name) version. The torque of up to about 10 percent.

You want performance numbers? What's with 0-62 mph in 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 207 mph ? Small improvements in the statistics of 12C ( 3.1 seconds and 204 mph), they are but small improv…

New Subaru 2016: WRX STI 2015 part 2

Prices Pictures Car ReviewsNew Subaru 2016: WRX STI 2015 part 2 - If you didn't read the first part, the yous should.. :)
(First drive : New Subaru WRX STI part 1)

What contributes most ? Two systems . The first is active torque vectoring. These promote stability and braking traction control Eder inner front wheel to help the car around. It has three modes: Normal ( all on ), traction ( the intervention reduced), and outside that completely decouples the system.

The first two work best on the road, the next two are the best for the track.

The second system is the driver that is controlled center differential ( DCCD ). This box of tricks is a mechanical and an electronic differential that can work together to a wheel in the middle of the direct power to make better use of it.

Measure everything from steering angle, lateral g, RPM, and various other details before making decisions. There are three automatic and manual modes to choose six stages. It makes sense to leave it on autom…