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VW Golf GTE: a volkswagen hybrid GTI?

Prices Pictures Car Reviews : VW Golf GTE: a volkswagen hybrid GTI? - This is the Volkswagen Golf GTE. Yes, GTE. You will be using the 'GT' little familiar, referred, how it works hot versions of VW - think GTI (petrol) or GTD (fast diesel).

But the E? That stands for "power". Since the field of GTE, Volkswagen says that most of the animals unusual, a sporty plug-in hybrid.

The AWG combines a 1.4-liter petrol engine 148bhp 'TSI' a 101bhp electric motor between a clutch DSG gearbox jammed - the same engine in the E-tron Audi A3 found.

Together, the two power sources can contain a maximum of 201bhp and 258 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels. The Golf GTI makes compared 217bhp and exactly the same number of pairs.

But where to get all the petrol GTI from 0-62 mph in 6.5 seconds, the hybrid-GTE is 7.6 seconds. This deficit is due to the additional weight of the GTE: Conduct a 120kg, 8.8kWh Li-ion battery, the balance a little higher than 170kg weight leaning pet…

Most Fuel Efficient Electric Cars for 2014

Most Fuel Efficient Electric Cars for 2014 - Are you wondering what cars will save you the most money on gas in 2014 and beyond? With gas prices hovering over $3.50 and no signs of that declining any time soon, it’s smart and economical to buy a car that sips on gas! Avoid gas guzzlers – instead take a hard look at one of these environmentally friendly vehicles.
According to FuelEconomy.Gov, a car that gets you 10 MPG more than another will save you about $900 per year! That amounts to about $4,500 in savings over 5 years.
Fuel Economy 101 - Cars With Greater Than 50 MPG Gas Mileage

Here are my top 3 favorite fuel efficient cars for 2014 and beyond:

#3. Nissan Leaf – The 2014 model will be able to wirelessly recharge itself, according to reports. No more power cables! The fuel economy for the 2013 model gets approxiamately 115 MPG, so expect even better with the 2014 model. Estimated listing price? $35,000 - $38,000.

#2. 2013 Honda Fit EV – The electric vehicle gets a 118 MPG…

New Electric Car 2013

New Electric Car 2013 - The Prius and Leaf are the current most popular electric cars. Chevy Volt is still on the fringe. In the coming year, several mainstream auto makers will offer their take on electric cars and the facing the same issues of battery life and travel distance.
Electric cars are still a novelty unless you are able to work or your world consists of less than 100 miles. It also helps to have a gas car around for those really long trips you know recharging an electric car will be an issue. Most electrics are snails. It is akin to being stuck behind a VW bug back in the 60-70's- you couldn't wait to pass them!
LA, SF, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento might be better places for the electric than living miles from a main urban area. Some new electrics car to consider are:
Fiat 500e - $25,000 Chevrolet Spark - $25,000 BMW i3 - $48,000 The Fiat has a range of 80-100 miles with a 111 hp motor and can recharge within four hours. Most of the other features are s…

BMW Electric Car 2013

BMW Electric Car 2013 - BMW features unveiled the Venture "i" series project, which aims at introducing a fresh variety of cars on the market. The new type of cars features revolutionized designing, along with the cars are considered fuel-productive and eco-favorable. The cloths line of cars will redefine the thought of mobility. This goal is to merge efficiency along with design. However, within the arrival of these vehicles, they are supposed to be definitely pricey. In 2013, BMW is expected to release BMW i3 in addition to BMW i8. And 2015, it is stated to push out a BMW i4 in addition to BMW i5.

Besides fuel-productivity, the new cars likewise have the consequently-termed electric flexibility. BMW i cars might be powered by means of his or her batteries, just as the Mercedes i3 continues to be reported in order to operated with battery entirely. Have a bun in the oven how the BMW i5 specifications should include electric freedom feature too. This kind of cleans away the …