Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Lexus LFA is now faster

The Lexus LFA is not dead. Well , is not dead , more or less. Although production run of 500 ballistic supercar ended in 2012, Gazoo Racing - in cooperation with Toyota - built : Lexus LFA is the "X- Files" , presented at the Tokyo Auto Salon for a single purpose .

It is a race car once built specifically to meet the 24 - hour race at the Nürburgring this year , and has made ​​some important changes sit up and take notice .

Not to mention, the standard LFA was already the best car ever driven Jeremy , with his high-revving V10 engine of 4.8 liters.
This time with an increased displacement of 5.3 liters with a power and torque ' tune to the requirements of the course Nürburgring , "said Lexus fit better . Done No specific details , so can only assume this additional shift brings additional poweeerrr standard
LFA 552bhp (or 562bhp if you talk about the special car Nürburgring package) .

Also a stiffer box full carbon is should some weight LFA , ie a 0-62 mph much to shave much faster than 3.7 seconds road car .
You're probably not interested in the reasons of this once LFA racer , because, well , it's a race LFA . But Lexus says , was created as a research vehicle to test the technologies of the future sports car , and therefore can not monitor the performance of the X- code in the " ring this year.The Lexus LFA

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