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Auto Show Detroit Autorama 2015

Prices Pictures Car Reviews : - Auto Show Detroit Autorama 2015 - The Detroit show this year was more global than ever before. He was also very relevant. The new metal production was usually the guy who could relate to without much explanation , and concepts were attractive , but not too fancy .

Toyota - Lexus had a great show. Finally, there is clear evidence of what the company president Akio Toyoda, and its engineers have promise for a while.

You want to make cars that are more of the device: Rent really crave the people .

The Toyota FT-1 looks good, and especially shows how the company is developing a voice distinctive design for all cars.

But if there is a production of spin-off (big if) is a way away. Lexus, shown for the CR- F, is a few years ago the parent company in getting its distinctive design .

And the RC -F should take a bit of an event and see - brake calipers behind the headlights come naturally aspirated engine.Not so happy for VW Audi show.

VW has meant growth in the…

Here is the Ford Focus facelift

Ford Focus facelift - It is not easy being a hatch middle class family . One moment you 're the shiny new kid on the block , the next minute you hit an oversupply of younger rival techier.And so it is for the Ford Focus MkIII . Less than four years running , has changed since the MkVII VW Golf ( not to mention all his clones MQB ) , Peugeot 308 and the Mazda 3 have been attacked , along with new Nissan Qashqai and a little more than strangers .Not that the focus has been greatly reduced in favor of you : in 2013 , attention second best selling car in Britain , just hit the little brother party focused .But clearly err on the side of caution Ford Focus has Facelift , treat a sharp new look - including a style grill "Fiesta " is definitely not appropriate from a container of parts of the Gaydon area - along with new technologies and new engines.The most interesting of these is a new version of the 1.5-liter Ford EcoBoost petrol fine , for the first time in Euro…

Reasons to be cheerful : ST vs Ford Fiesta XR2

ST vs Ford Fiesta XR2 - Our Hot Hatch of the Year Award , perhaps the most coveted of all TopGear bright trophies, goes to the Ford Fiesta ST . Of course, it does everything that should do a hot hatch . But so many other hot hatches. The difference with the Ford is for 16.995 pounds to do it. This often means that you are missing something that other people. But no . It has 180bhp . Looks cracking. The chassis has been designed with as much love as McLaren. It grabs and goes better than the others and - as we can see - there is no trick. Traders might require a few thousand more , and I still feel like a good deal. But they do not do it, and good on them . Power for the People ? It is borderline fiesta are for about 30 years . Cast your mind back to 1983 XR2 , sold more 150,000. It cost £ 5957 when new , which - if adjusted for inflation - is £ 17.023 . Almost equal to what it costs the ST today. It was the first party to bring the XR badge - it was a MkI in the late …

The 2013 Ford Focus ST - Review The Eco Boost

The 2013 Ford Focus ST is a study in contradictions: a diminutive “sport compact” (the segment itself is a contradiction) with a big performance pedigree; the sure-footed, station wagonesque front-wheel drive, along with rear-wheel drive-style handling and performance; Euro-style poise and refinement, with an American nameplate; a quiet, relaxed note from the exhaust while cruising, and a blistering roar when standing on the pedal. But, perhaps the biggest contradiction of all—a Ford EcoBoost engine, that for the first time in the brand’s history delivers both the eco and the boost.

The Focus achieves all of this subterfuge through the second letter in its badge—
“T” for “technologies.” And this little Volkswagen GTI killer is loaded with it. Starting with that aforementioned power-plant—the 2.0 liter turbo-4 packs an impressive 252 horsepower, with an astounding 270 foot-pounds of torque available pretty much right away, from 2000 revs on up. The torque curve here isn’t s…

Ford Escape 2013 Review and Pictures

Ford Escape 2013 - Lots have been explained about how sturdy Ford vehicles are. Most consumers praise the brand for creating impressive excellent SUVs, cars and trucks that are regarded to last a very long period. For SUVS, the 2013 Ford Escape is absolutely a vehicle worth buying and explained here are the reasons why:

The New Ford Escape for sale appears compact as well as sleek yet it absolutely has greater cargo space than the previous models. This added cargo space that is created when car seats are folded down is 67.8 cu. ft.; whenever the seats are folder upward, it's 34.3 cu. ft. This absolutely signifies a rise in versatility and efficiency. If you are taking a long journey, this extra area will truly be useful. One more main draw of the new Ford Escape for sale is that it runs on the 1.6 L EcoBoost 1-4 engine that melds the turbo charging technology and also direct injection technology. This merge is a perfect proportion of great gas mileage, (33 mpg on the h…