VW Polo facelifts

It's been five years since unveiled the fifth generation VW Polo. Wetter sicherlich für ein Facelift. Weather certainly for a facelift.
But the little Vee Dub happened on more than one mole removal Sophie Raworth complete facial reconstruction Joan Rivers: bumper lines hardened, you can now spec LED lights, and five new alloy wheel designs.
Visually, everything.
Conservative on the outside, but inside the renovated Polo has bigger is provided, the main components of his brothers. In particular, the increase motors, technology and golf.

The good news is that the engines. There's a new, even more efficient petrol - A 89bhp 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo and the first of its kind to be stamped with the BlueMotion label. The people claim that Wolfsburg to do 68.9 mpg on the combined cycle and emits just 94 g / km of CO2.
There is also a new, more efficient diesel BlueMotion, if your favorite color is black pump. It has 74bhp, stating that the development of a peak torq…

Prepare for Toyota, which are not boring!

Der FT-1-Konzept könnte die Produktion um eine neue Generation von fahrerorientierten Toyotas führen zu erreichen, wurde ein hoher Beamter der Firma Top Gear enthüllt.
The FT-1 concept could reach lead to a new generation of Toyota's driver-oriented production, a senior official of the company Top Gear was revealed.
Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President von Toyota Motor Europe, sagte der lautstarken Reaktion auf die zweisitzige Heckantrieb-Sportwagen - genannt der "neuen Supra" und enthüllte letzten Monat in Detroit - bedeutet, dass die FT-1 folgen könnte die Reise LF-LC, Karl Schlicht, executive vice president of Toyota Motor Europe, the vociferous response to the two-seat rear-wheel drive sports car said - called the "new Supra 'and unveiled last month in Detroit - means that the FT-1 could follow the journey LF-LC, als ein Konzept im Frühjahr 2012 gezeigt, aber erschien in Detroit in der Produktion Form wie die RC-F Lexus.
shown as a concept in the …

This is a Race Car Toyota FT-1

Das ist nicht real. This is not real. Es ist ein Konzept, Skizze, wie der Toyota FT-1 Concept Car könnte sein, wenn es als eine Maschine und GT500-Rennen in eines der klassischen Muster der All Time Toyota livrierten gebaut.It is a concept sketch, be like the Toyota FT-1 concept car could be if it was built as a machine and GT500 race in one of the classic patterns of All Time Toyota liveried. Kurz gesagt, dann ist herrlich.
In short, it is glorious.
Von guter Freund 's Jon Sibal als ein Werk der Phantasie Rendered, machen - denken Sie daran, es ist nicht real - machen das Konzeptfahrzeug FT-1 hyper hyper, die jeder in der vergangenen Woche überrumpelte auf der Detroit Motor Show und From good friend 's Jon Sibal as a work of imagination Rendered, make - remember, it's not real - that the concept vehicle FT-1 hyper hyper that everyone by surprise last week at the Detroit Motor Show and tut fighty.
does fighty.
Das Livree ist ein Augenzwinkern zu dem, …

3cyl engine 400 hp Nissan at Le Mans

In the land of Top Gear, if you are in your car and you acknowledge this fact a gasoline engine 1.5-liter three-cylinder, your friends and family will be denied, and his life was ruined. If the gasoline engine 1.5-liter three-cylinder produces 400 hp, and in this case we are very interested.

This is the new Nissan gasoline engine 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine, which will sit in the corridor ZEOD. Es ist das Auto, Nissan ist das Rennen 24 Stunden von Le Mans in diesem Jahr präsentiert als Teil der "Garage 56", die wie ein Stormtrooper-Helm aussieht.
It is the car that Nissan is the race 24 Hours of Le Mans this year, presented as part of the "Garage 56" which looks like a Storm Trooper helmet.
The 400 horsepower engine packs 280 pounds-feet of torque at 7,500 rpm and speed. It weighs only 40 kg. It measures 500 mm high, 200 mm wide and 400 mm long. It has 10bhp per kilo and has a better power to weight ratio of the new V6 1.6-liter turbo in the Formula 1 …

The Lexus LFA is now faster

The Lexus LFA is not dead. Well , is not dead , more or less. Although production run of 500 ballistic supercar ended in 2012, Gazoo Racing - in cooperation with Toyota - built : Lexus LFA is the "X- Files" , presented at the Tokyo Auto Salon for a single purpose .

Speed.It is a race car once built specifically to meet the 24 - hour race at the Nürburgring this year , and has made ​​some important changes sit up and take notice .

Not to mention, the standard LFA was already the best car ever driven Jeremy , with his high-revving V10 engine of 4.8 liters.This time with an increased displacement of 5.3 liters with a power and torque ' tune to the requirements of the course Nürburgring , "said Lexus fit better . Done No specific details , so can only assume this additional shift brings additional poweeerrr standard
LFA 552bhp (or 562bhp if you talk about the special car Nürburgring package) .

Also a stiffer box full carbon is should some weight…

Exclusive World First Drive: McLaren P1

Typical. I get to drive a McLaren P1 and rain is biblical. Also, only the first heavy frost of the year in Belgium, so that the rain hits the asphalt slippery jumping into a future that is not for £ 866,000, 903bhp hypercar might be less attractive that if you had oiled some ice and aligned the street with the puppy.

Caution is definitely a good thing, however. How do I find out later. Meanwhile, carefully tiptoeing away from the Spa Francorchamps circuit by 5 clock in the P1 is painfully simple. In fact, not even wake the other guests at the hotel by the simple expedient of reptiles in EV mode, the only sound the crunch of tires on the frozen ground and a low moan of science fiction.

I can see it from the to reverse out of the garage usable thanks to the mirrors, and the view forward is broad and useful display. It feels small. And not threatening. And easy. I did not expect, dass derived The twin-turbo V8 from 12C complains in life after a while and went to Britain. That'…

Lexus shows the new RC -F

Lexus RC - It may be possible - oh, please - the new RC -F is a dose of what the LF -A was so great in a car , to go against the new BMW M4 ?On stage, Lexus F RC - wheels at the Detroit Motor Show today. Since the 4 - series is not simply a two-door 3 Series is the new Lexus coupe RC not only a two-door IS. It is the length of the SI , the width of the GS.

And this version F shoves his 19 -inch wheels to the edge of the arches swollen.But its main feature is under that bulging hood. Just when we thought the naturally aspirated engine was lying quietly for good, here comes a 5.0-liter V8 snort. Is connected with the beautiful animal of an engine as a great start back in the old IS- F, but it is even more powerful. Lexus says more than 450bhp .

Thanks to all that the good old offset , but also makes a frantic 383 pounds -feet of torque.Of course it is the contraction of the CO2, the Mercedes -AMG , BMW M and Audi RS Turbo was pressed. Lexus has an answer. A light cruiser V8 goes in A…