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Laferrari - Best Car Ever on 2014

LaFerrari, as you know, is one of the most well known (if not the biggest) names in sports cars out there. They've come a long way, but with the new 2014 laferrari they have stepped up to an entirely different level. This is the best 2014 car ever.

What's Under The Hood
This is a 6LV-12 engine, 950 horsepower monster, but it's a delicate road conquerer due to Ferrari's trademark of having handstitched Italian leather seats. It really is an amazing car, that has finesse and power all in one.
This is a hybrid car, meaning Ferrari has blended speed with energy saving. How does one do that? Nobody knows, except the creators themselves.
What I Love About This CarI mean besides the fast speeds and the simple fact that there are plenty of areas in Germany where there are no MPH limits. The style. It's so futuristic that it's actually almost scary. The colors offered by Ferrari are amazing because they're bold and bright and that this car can be customized (f…